A Personal Reflection

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a possible future of cryptocurrencies

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She got a COVID-19 breakthrough case this summer

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Being HFA or AS at over 50 but less than 62 in the USA

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An Early Disease in Rosella Tolfree’s World

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From Mice to Rabbits to Humans

One such niche was the migration of mice from a burn near the port city of Matadi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From there they ended up in France via cargo containers. The mice were infected with a weakened strain of…

Another Binney Corporation Story

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Or is this about making money?

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Limit Global Warming and Climate Change. By NicoElNino. Adobe File# 410128426- stock.adobe.com

The Problem as I See It

I don’t doubt that humanity with…

Do American Gamers Want A Socialist Gaming Industry?

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The Problem

Everyone cites Gotcha, and Loot Boxes as nothing more than promoting a gambling habit. Europe has been making laws about this, along with places like China and Japan, but groups like EA got around it by turning them into free in game rewards.

Seth Underwood

a writer of dark science fiction, sufferer of chronic migraines, and player of Warframe and Genshin Impact. Fan of Mike Pondsmith Race- human. Not elf or gnome.

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