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Image- Black And White Businessman Man People Car Vehicle, By Pexels, Source pixabay (Processed through Adobe Spark)

In January 2021, the news announced that a popular electric car brand was going to allow passengers to play triple A video game titles.

By the start of the Second Age of Humanity, car dealerships took this to a new level with the game “Real Racers.”

“Real Racers” was a Chinese in car gaming app. The app was used by a few American car dealership chains to help prop up their leasing sales. Players took out an initial lease on a cheap car and worked their way up through earning points, or paying for point boosters, to get a more…

To Surrender Personal Privacy For The Wonders Of Technology

Image- Businessman Tablet Control City Man Suit; By geralt; Source pixabay (Processed via Adobe Spark)

To some in the early 21st Century, China is one of the most monitored and connected societies. As an example, during the COVID-19 pandemic they had developed phone apps as passes to gate people into certain areas depending on COVID-19 status.

Some have suggested that when POTUS45 was removed from social media, that Big Tech was flexing its muscles that even the U.S. could become tech controlled like China.

Development of Smart Cities

It would be during the late First Age of Humanity that governments developed Smart Cities . By this point the Big Tech giants had long been broken up, but this…

I don't disagree, but even with Genshin Impact to overcome the time limit mechanic is nothing more than simply increasing overall damage output. Which can be accomplished through the addition of food items. Time becomes an irrelevant factor when the scale of damage is high enough.

Snap shot of Hu Tao from my own game.

Genshin Impact, evidently the largest mobile role-playing game launched so far, is still a strong game. Concurrent stats still show the game has 233,795 estimated players as of this posting. While Steamcharts.com reports games like Warframe are showing an average of 39,032 concurrent players for the last 30 days. Based on these numbers Genshin Impact is on par with games like Apex Legends and Valheim in player popularity.

Even so, there are still more things I wish I knew about before playing.

1. Don’t hold off too long raising your world level.

For the longest time I held off raising my adventure rank and thus my world level. Then I…

First Impressions

Screen shot from my own Genshin Impact game

With Update 1.2, Genshin Impact released the Dragonspine, giving us the first map expansion. For me, I was still playing Cyberpunk 2077 at the time and missed this update.

Now I’ve been able to get back to Genshin Impact and work on the Dragonspine and completed a majority of main quest lines.

I think the addition of the freezing mechanic where a character loses hp because of cold temperatures is interesting. It’s an obvious food sink, even when you get the goulash recipe. I’ve had to make so many hp restoring recipes just to keep characters from dying.

Having high-level…

A woman experiences three lives because of her debt

Image- businessman tablet control By geralt. Source pixabay. Processed by Adobe Spark.
Image- businessman tablet control By geralt. Source pixabay. Processed by Adobe Spark.
Image- businessman tablet control By geralt. Source pixabay. Processed by Adobe Spark.

A sound, like a cross between a siren and a buzzer, echoed in Brandi’s head. She saw bright flashes of light.

“I’m up! I’m up!”

She sat up on her bed and began rubbing her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw a white spot in front of her with bits of her cabin on the sides.


She collapsed back down on to the bed. Brandi stared at the metal ceiling as she waited for the spot to dissolve.

Every morning was like this on the orbital industrial colony of Zristuf Five. Over a thousand humans and hundreds…

Image- ballot box demokratie policy, By planet_fox, Source pixabay via Adobe Spark

In a recent Rosella Tolfree posting, I mentioned the idea of the Government Accounting Office (GAO) conducting a forensic audit after every Federal election.

Between the time of November 2020 with the U.S. presidential election and the voting by the Electoral College this past December 14, there were various challenges launched or hearings held where “forensic audits” were asked for.

According to Investopedia, a forensic audit “is an examination and evaluation… to derive evidence that can be used in a court of law or legal proceeding.

This is different from the audit methods employed by the 33 U.S. states that…

camera snapshot taken from my own game during Thanksgiving

Genshin is way better than Warframe

Resin issue is a playstyle problem

Resin issue maybe a PC/Console vs. Mobile play style thing

I’ve been playing Genshin Impact for two months now. Back in late October, I wrote my first impressions of the game.

I still feel that Genshin Impact beats Warframe by a long shot.

If miHoYo can keep up with periodic updates, like map expansions, then this game should easily last up to five years. By then something new will have replaced Genshin Impact due to new technology.

The Resin Issue

Resin supply is still considered a big problem for some players…

Some More Gameplay Tips

Screen Capture of Loading Screen for Genshin Impact from my own game.

Some things I already knew about Genshin Impact. Take, for instance, the fact around Adventure Rank 25 the game slows down. Because you’ve done a lot of roaming around on the maps and gathered a lot of stuff. Now what’s left are the Elite Bosses, and the Spiral Abyss.

Here’s my list of items so far…

1. The game’s meta. This game is about min-maxing the math of characters, weapons, and artifacts. A lot of this is done with consuming items to level up. It’s the only way to defeat or have a chance of defeating higher bosses. Based on…

A Look At Genshin Impact

Picture Taken From My Own Gameplay of Genshin Impact.

miHoYo released Genshin Impact this past September 28, 2020. In twelve days, it grossed over $100 million, and “was the biggest release of any Chinese video game” to date.

Genshin Impact is not miHoYo’s first game. Founded in 2012 by three university students, the company focused on the Chinese mobile market. The entertainment company, based in Shanghai, has several other games, all with a love of the anime art style.

Because of China’s censorship policies, there’s been some controversy with the Genshin’s release into international markets. On the bottom of their own company profile page there’s this odd message for…

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a writer of dark science fiction, sufferer of chronic migraines, and player of Warframe and Genshin Impact. Fan of Mike Pondsmith Race- human. Not elf or gnome.

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