Seth Underwood
1 min readApr 17, 2024

I would like to point to a recent case mentioned in Wired where a woman was awarded copyrights for her AI generated material although her disability issues were ignored.

There’s mention in the article of expanding the ADA to include generative AI use for the disability community.

The fact is, I suffer from writing disabilities, which require me to use technologies to “up my game.” Technologies seen by Medium as generative AI use and to be banned. — In fact, the previous two complex sentences I’ve just written are examples of what these systems want to simplify for readers.

This is because my autism has a reality of making me long winded in writing. Great for college papers, but sucks for stuff on Medium. I also tend to repeat myself a lot in talking, just ask my wife.

This is what ProWritingAid can help me do automatically- “Reduce your average sentence length and word length to improve readability.”

Shorter sentence length = better readability or basically write for a seventh grader.

I write like I’m in college without assistance.

I have a technical degree in accounting, and I’m not an English major.

So, the question becomes for those writing on Medium… is Medium only for those with English degrees who do not have writing disabilities?

Seth Underwood

54+ autistic, undiagnosed dyslexic, sufferer of chronic migraines, writer of dark science fiction, player of video games and Mike Pondsmith Fan. Race- Human.