Seems to me to be the intersection of cultural norms with autistic tendencies.

By this I mean there’s a tendency in some autistics to have an acute sense of morals. In your case, it would seem to center on mutual respect.

The problem appears that the cultural norm of honoring one’s elders does not require mutual respect.

The flip side of this is the fact when you become advanced in age, you can demand respective honor from all the young people.

As a writer of speculative fiction, I understand your position. However, not honoring our elders can create a sense of burden on society and families. At the most dystopian end, you end up with a situation where, after the age of 65; the person is killed.



Seth Underwood

54+ autistic, undiagnosed dyslexic, sufferer of chronic migraines, writer of dark science fiction, player of video games and Mike Pondsmith Fan. Race- Human.