What Happens When the World Gets Hot?

As I continue to build the future world of Rosella Tolfree, I’ve had to deal with the problems of extreme global warming.

Rosella’s world is a dystopian future where global warming has gone unchecked to the point the world has heated up to an average of 89 degrees Fahrenheit globally. That’s 28 degrees more than the current world average. It’s the average world temperature typically found during the early Eocene geological period.

I also have the weather pattern based on a single Hadley cell going from the equator to the pole. This is like Venus. Why did I do this? This is an assumption on my part because Venus is a runaway greenhouse. Could this really happen? I have no clue, but many scientists have not explored this.

So overall this is what I’ve discovered in trying to build a world like this-

1. Raising the temperature this far causes all the polar ice to melt. Thus, raising the ocean levels by 216 feet on average. In my research, I discovered math that pointed to this happening much quicker than what many scientists think. The math showed a delta of 121 years going from the current temperature average and ocean levels to the levels I desired. Many scientists typically predicted thousands of years to melt the polar ice caps completely, but they base their assumptions on a much slower warming trend. For this to happen in my future world there must be mechanisms that speed up global warming, aside from unchecked human activity. To help this equation, I added in the middle of the U.S. a volcanic trap system spewing tons of greenhouse gases out. This is not unlike previous geological volcanic traps that have warmed up the planet before.

2. Having just a single Hadley cell causes the weather to reverse in direction and produces weather patterns of total wet and dry seasons across the entire north or south part of the globe depending upon the season.

3. The rising waters change so many political boundaries that in the U.S. some states disappear. Rising waters would cause across the globe massive migrations to areas that were dry. Such migration even from citizens fleeing rising waters would cause social anxieties for those dry communities. I realized that underdeveloped nations might handle such migration problems with greater ease by using direct military force than developed nations. I noted that developed nations have people that are more protective of personal resources and resistant to the use of military force. Not that a developed nation could not use military force under such situations, but I noted there’s a general reluctance in many democratic developed nations to do so if they can get away with it.

4. With a single Hadley cell system, ozone distribution becomes a problem. What happens is a greater thinning of ozone across more of the globe than just the current equatorial regions. This will increase the amount of ultraviolet radiation. Consequently, I have many seeking a genetic solution to the problem by having their cloned children naturally darkened in skin tone through increased melanin. Having low amounts of melanin in the skin will unfortunately result in a bad sun burn every day with my future world.

5. Many plants and animals go extinct as predicted. But this opens niches for new animals and plants. Some of which I have humans introduce through genetic manipulation, such as My Pet Dragon (a flying dragon-like lizard). Just like the Carboniferous period, insects are going well and have become the main protein diet for many. With a mono-Hadley wet-dry climate, you end up with a globe that’s like the African plains or the jungle regions of Southeast Asia. The equatorial regions become so hot that desertification happens. The cooler climate creatures and plants die off rapidly being replaced with more savanna and tropical ones. Humans just help transmigrate species into the new climates to replace lost plants and animals.

Despite being dystopian, it’s not too bad. Just radically different than what we are used to today. Humanity continues to live with this hotter world. Some things die off and others adapt. This is not unlike what has taken place in all geological history. The only difference is humankind is chiefly behind this one.

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Seth Underwood

Seth Underwood

54+ autistic, undiagnosed dyslexic, sufferer of chronic migraines, writer of dark science fiction, player of Genshin Impact and Mike Pondsmith Fan. Race- Human.